12/6/09: One Single Aim

12/27/09: The Gratitude Of One

1/3/10: Brokenness Over Sin

1/10/10: The Love of Money

3/21/10: Dealing With Discouragement

8/15/10: How to Make Your Life Count

9/5/10: The Importance of Small Groups

10/24/10: Trust In God

11/14/10: Ultimate Test of Faith

1/9/11: When God Chooses a Leader

1/16/11: Best Foundation For Life

1/23/11: Happiness

1/30/11: Counting the Cost

5/1/11: Jesus on Fear & Worry

6/19/11: Use Your God-Given Gifts

5/20/12: How To Be At Peace With God

6/24/12: Digging Deep

7/29/12: Why We Should Manage Our Mouths

11/11/12: Passion For God

11/18/12: What Is Your Treasure

11/25/12: Sinful Woman Forgiven

12/2/12: Jesus Heals A Demon Possessed Man

12/9/12: Jesus Has Power Over Disease And Death

12/30/12: Planning Your Future

1/6/13: Proclaiming Christ Crucified

1/13/13: Forgiven

3/10/13: Love As I Have Loved You

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